Set Free Indeed Prison Ministry

The SET FREE INDEED name comes from John 8:36 (“If the Son has set you free you shall be free indeed”).


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  • Set Free Indeed (SFI) is a reentry-focused program.
  • SFI supports inmates (and their families) as they move through their time of incarceration and transition back into the community.
  • SFI’s plan to reduce recidivism includes providing inmates (particularly newly exited inmates) with information on services on resources that will help low-income individuals stay on track, and facilitate a reduction in crime while improving public safety.
  • SFI’s resources are designed to help individuals develop a positive mindset, healthy habits, and honorable goals. A 285-page prepare-for-your-successful-exit book (The Set Free Inmate and Family Handbook) is one of our resources that supports this goal.
  • SFI is a faith-based program that provides encouragement, referral support, teaching videos, inspirational literature, a resource and services book, and a prepare-for-your-successful-exit handbook.
  • SFI is a non-denominational program that loves all and serves all.


  • SFI’s mission statement: Set Free Indeed (SFI) desires to see a reduction in crime and recidivism, bring healing to broken families, and help inmates regroup and set new priorities for the future.


  • The Set Free Indeed (SFI) program has a multi-approach plan to address the needs associated with recidivism. In general, SFI desires to   1)  support and encourage families of inmates     2) encourage, redirect, and equip inmates so they will desire and be positioned for a productive future and   3) support inmates after their exit (providing counsel, encouragement, and important referral information).
  • SFI (like the YMCA and Salvation Army)promotes positive, character-building Christian principles in a gentle, non-proselytizing way. We love all and desire to serve all.
  • SFI’s  285-page SET FREE Handbook is designed to help inmates and family members find hope, regroup and refocus, identify triggers to bad behavior and barriers to success in the past, and create a practical action plan conducive to a positive future. See attachment. More than 50% of inmates have children.  We hope that SFI resources and services will help these families have a more stable home environment.
  • SFI also makes available a 60-page Resource Directory (a listing of free resources and services in Washington State). Here is the link to that book:
  • SFI makes available a variety of character/integrity building books, and a mental-health book titled, Hope and Helps to battle depression. Here is the link to that book:

Please use our CONTACT form if you would like to share a question or prayer request, volunteer to be a mentor, pen-pal or counselor, or information on making a donation. Thank you!

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