Prison Ministry
This program is designed to support inmates, their families, and those recently exited from incarceration. There’s always hope.


Sunday Teachings
Inspirational and information teachings especially designed to reach those who’ve been wounded in, hurt by, or are looking for more from, a church.


Prophecy-themed Podcast
Midweek teaching podcast. Each episode includes a brief, encouraging devotional, a news update, and a study on Bible Prophecy.

Click the graphic ABOVE to access our free Bible Study resources. Our goal is to help people learn about (and teach on) the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith, Apologetics, and Bible Prophecy. Don’t wait or revival – do your part to ignite it!

About Us

Set Free Indeed (SFI) has three main focus points:

  1. The Set Free arm provides encouragement, counsel, and literature to inmates and their families. The goals are to equip and encourage, to help individuals position for a more positive future, and to reduce recidivism.
  2. The Not Rejected By Him program includes informative, encouraging, and biblically based teachings on Sunday mornings. The informal teachings are designed to reach those not sharing in worship services because they have been wounded in a church, feel rejected by or not comfortable in a church, or believe the teaching in their local church has been compromised or is not well balanced. This program is not designed to replace involvement in a local church but is an effort to reach and bless those not connected with a body of believers or are looking for more. This is a new and developing program.
  3. The Made to Thrive midweek podcast includes an encouraging devotional and teaching on Bible prophecy and how to live life. This is a new and developing program.

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