The Power of a Touch

“The Cage” is harsh and medieval-looking. It is designed to isolate and humiliate. There I sat for 45 minutes while inmates shouted an assortment of encouragement and curses.

Breaking the Ice

To the surprise of many, the big man stopped in front of my table. A hush fell over the room. He extended his hand, which I gratefully shook. It was a bold move on his part – a public demonstration to one outside of his car.

God Loves Surprise Endings

I could choose to focus my eyes and mind on the weathered chain link fence and razor wire above me or look past that to the sun, which was just beginning to burst through the clouds.

The Power of Laughter

I served as a Christian in a very dark place – in prison, as an inmate, a place virtually devoid of joy and laughter.

Press Kit

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Discerning the Will of God

Discerning God’s will can be difficult—but it is essential to being able to live a life of peace and purpose.

Daniel: No Compromise

Though Daniel was selected to serve as a kind of an advisor, he was still a slave and died a slave, hundreds of miles from his home.

Rest for the Stressed

Stress can contribute to a shortened life and a compromised witness. These facts are not disputed. But there is good news—God cares, and God desires to help.

Managing Anger

Controlling your anger is an important skill, as it impacts happiness, relationships, employment, and health.

Dealing with Depression

If you are weary, discouraged, or depressed, you are not alone. The question is, what can you do to pull yourself out of the pit?