Daniel: No Compromise

Daniel lived during turbulent times. He was intelligent and well-positioned for success when a large army overran his nation. The enemy invasion changed his life. Soldiers forced Daniel and thousands of his countrymen to leave their homeland and march hundreds of miles to Babylon and then to Persia. Though he was selected to serve as a kind of an advisor, he was still a slave and died a slave, hundreds of miles from his home.

Daniel was selected to serve in various positions of responsibility. In these positions, he provided godly counsel to kings, interpreted dreams, and was instrumental in shaping the living conditions of his exiled people.

He was also a writer and a prophet. His prophecies concerning the coming Messiah and the last days distinguish him as one of the mighty prophets of old.

In this portion of an 11-part study of Daniel, we will study the man and his times, and then his many prophecies. Noted below is a live worship-hour recording.

May God bless you as you seek to grow in Him.

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