Prison Package Level 1 – Sponsor an Incarcerated Individual



Would you like to partner with Set Free Indeed to support inmates and their families? Our new ministry has developed resources designed to instill hope, help individuals position for a positive future, and establish in-prison, inmate-led small group Bible Studies.

Would you consider helping us put samples of these resources into the hands of chaplains, prison ministry leaders, program leaders, Pastors, and legislatures to help advance the vision? We are praying for favor and looking for doors to open so these resources can be placed in prisons and jails across the country.

The next step is to get samples into the hands of decision makers, who will then pass the resources on to inmates, and, we pray, recommend that additional copies be sent to the facility to which the Lord has called them to minister.

We have two special support options at this time: For a donation of $50 (which will be used to purchase 5 books), the following five books will be shipped to a ministry or program leader who has expressed interest in utilizing Set Free Indeed resources:

1) Set Free: A Handbook for Inmates and Their Families
2) A study in the Book of Ephesians – Finishing Well (a 13-week study)
3) The Ephesians Study Leader’s Guide
4) A study in the book of Galatians – Understanding God’s Covenant of Grace (a 14-week study)
5) The Galatians Study Leader’s Guide


The Set Free ministry is proud to introduce its latest resource—a handbook for inmates and their families. The information in this 295-page book will encourage, inspire, and equip the hurting. The practical advice and planning tips will help inmates navigate the journey and prepare for a better future—and it will help families understand what to expect and have hope.

Written by a former pastor, community leader, case manager, and inmate, this book provides practical advice, recommendations, and includes contact information for dozens of programs and businesses that desire to help.

Our mission is to equip and support the incarcerated and their families as they move through this difficult time. We want to help the hurting find hope, faith, and develop new goals to ensure a better future. We seek to accomplish this by providing practical resources in prison (such as this book), establishing in-prison, lay-led support groups, and by referring individuals to services and programs designed to support a successful reentry into the community.

Visit for more information on our work and resources.

Click the link for an excerpt of the Set Free Handbook:

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