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Life Skills Videos

Managing Confrontation

This teaching from Gary Ray presents biblical precepts for dealing with confrontation in a positive, productive, way.

The Prodigal

This teaching from Gary Ray notes the unbelievable and amazing grace of God. The hope is that this slightly new perspective on the old story renews and revives your spirit.

How to Walk on Water/Accomplish the Impossible

This teaching from Gary Ray profiles one of the great and familiar stories in the Bible—the story of Peter walking on water. What Jesus calls us to do can seem impossible, but if we put our trust in Him, and keep our eyes on Him, then all things are possible.

Managing Anger

This teaching by Gary Ray addresses the topics of self-control and managing anger—both are key to finding peace and being what God wants us to be. Practical tips and suggestions are drawn from the book of Proverbs.

Developing Communication Skills

In this (older, audio file) teaching, Gary Ray presents five communication helps found in the book of Proverbs.

How to Earn Respect

This teaching by Gary Ray presents four ways to earn respect. Spoiler—non have to do with fame, power, or money.

Tips to Manage Stress

In this teaching, Gary Ray shares biblical principles designed to alleviate stress.

Look in the Mirror

In this teaching, Gary Ray notes the importance of taking stock of who we are, what we are doing, and the choices we are making. The goal is to continually self-correct so to remain on the path marked by happiness and reward. It’s never too late to switch gears and walk the better path.

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