JTO (Juvenile Tale Outreach) Profile
The JTO ministry will strive to redirect and assist at-risk and incarcerated teens.

Ministry founder and lifer Harold Manning has prepared a book and workbook designed to help at risk and incarcerated teens improve their thinking, behavior, and associations. The book is Harold’s testimony—his life journey. It’s a tale of abuse, abandonment, and life on the streets. Gangs were his family. He lived in the fast lane but was slow to choose the better path.

Now 13 years into a life sentence, Harold is a changed man. He found faith, and peace. He has taken classes and earned a Batchelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. He desires to reach at-risk teens before it is too late, and redirect incarcerated youth before they become truly hardened and destined for a life of trouble.

With a combination of good literature, suggestions, prayer, and mentoring, Harold’s vision to change many lives can be realized.

The goal is to place a JTO  book and workbook into the hands of thousands of at-risk youth in 2022. The belief is that troubled youth who are moved by Harold’s testimony, challenged by JTO’s workbook, prayed for, and mentored will be redirected into a better path and experience a better life. As churches, funders, and citizens in the community catch the vision to do their part (pray, mentor, financially support), many lives will be saved, crime will decrease, and the cycle of recidivism will be broken.