Spread the Word Initiative

We are looking for God’s provision to send preview packs of six informative, encouraging, spiritual books to the leaders of 40 notable prison ministries in the United States. We are seeking prayer and financial partners. Please take five minutes to read through what we believe God is calling us to do and consider whether or not the Spirit is prompting you or your ministry to support our efforts to expand our work to the ”least of these.”

Not everyone in prison is incorrigible—in fact, few are. Amazingly, most inmates believe in God and have a desire to live a life of honor for God—they just don’t know how that could be possible, and doubt that God would choose to love them, or would be willing to extend grace and forgiveness. Satan whispers, “You are not worthy,” and many listen. Prisons are filled with souls without hope.

The Set Free Indeed ministry has a calling to create God-honoring, biblically based, easy-to-read, resources  to help the weary come to faith, grow in the faith, and be equipped to overcome and succeed in life.

The Set Free Indeed program is small, but has an excellent track record of helping, encouraging, resourcing, and equipping. Our resources have been accessed by more than 100 inmates, in-prison Bible studies have been established, salvation and recommitment decisions have been recorded, and several have been assisted with reentry issues. Our recidivism rate over the last 20 months is far under the state average.

We provide counsel, inspirational writings and audio files, life-skill development teaching videos, and more than 20 books. There are many voracious readers in prison—but few spiritual or prepare-for-your-exit books are available. Feeling led to address that notable gap, I have prepared the following:

  • Two mental health books on battling depression, overcoming, and finding hope.
  • An in-depth, prepare for your exit handbook.
  • A Resource Directory profiling available free resources and services.
  • Twelve Bible study/how to grow in the faith books (many have student and leader guides so inmates and those with limited or no church background can facilitate a study/discussion group)
  • Five books on Bible Prophecy. These books are designed to help individuals learn about what God has done, what God will do, and the wondrous precision of Bible prophecy (which proves that Scripture is accurate, unique, and inspired).
  • A work of spiritual fiction (an exciting story designed to draw the reader to faith).

We strongly believe our inexpensive resources are God-honoring and can be life-changing. We do not have the budget or reach to make them available to all who would benefit, so we would like to send a preview packet of 6 books to the leaders of 40 prominent Christian prison ministries in the United States.

  • We will ask THESE LEADERS to utilize our resources in their ministry and refer them to others.
  • We ask YOU to pray for our ministry and fund-raising efforts. We also ask you to consider providing a financial gift to help us reach our goal of $2000 (this will cover the cost of printing, nicely packaging, and sending a resource pack of six books to 40 leaders of large Christian Prison Ministries in the United States).

CLICK HERE to see 4 giving options. Please reach out HERE if you have any questions.