What Will the Post-Rapture World Look Like?


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This booklet was written to express, in a very condensed format, what I have learned about leading in ministry after serving in pastoral roles for more than 30 years. By design, the writing in this booklet is more informal than scholarly. The hope is that it will read as a friend counseling a friend—or as an older minister who’s been around the block, counseling newer believers who are young in the process of exploring God’s leading regarding Christian service. Sensing that the Lord’s return is near, I prepared this booklet as a resource for those who are not taken in the Rapture and find themselves living in a Post-Rapture Tribulation-era world. Will God be present during this dark period of history? Will there be a Church? Will God be looking for individuals to teach, preach, and engage in Christian service? I believe the answers to all these questions is YES! But things will be very different than before the Rapture. My prayer is that this booklet will encourage, equip, and embolden individuals as they consider how God may want to use them to do great things in this important time in history.

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