Dispensationalism: Precepts for Interpreting Scripture


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Dispensationalism is a newer term that has ancient roots. In the 19th and 20th centuries,
ministry leaders and scholars grouped and refined proven precepts for interpreting
Scripture and thereby formalized the hermeneutic system known as dispensationalism.

Dispensationalism is neither new nor radical. It is built on the belief that the Bible is
true, prophecy should be interpreted literally, there will be a Rapture and millennial
reign of Christ, the events profiled In the book of Revelation are yet future, and God
has a plan for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people in the last days.

More than a collection of theological perspectives, dispensationalism offers a lens
through which Scripture can be viewed in its full context and properly interpreted.
Practical examples of employing dispensational study precepts (which for many
decades have been taught at Moody Bible Institute and Dallas Baptist Theological
Seminary) are included in this writing.

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