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Gary is a family man who lives in the Pacific Northwest. He has been married 39 years and is blessed with 2 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren.

Gary is a creative with a heart to serve the Lord and help the hurting. His church ministry experience includes serving for 30 years in Youth, Christian Education, Worship, Church Planter, and Senior Pastor roles. His ministry experience includes significant community work—including coordinating community center, recreation, education, music-arts, social, food/clothing, and disaster response programming. Gary has also served as a Christian Radio Talk Show host, a Case Manager for a Gospel Mission, and a Counselor for the State Boys Home. The 12 books he’s authored are posted on this site.

In 2017 he served on the launch team for the new ministry (I AM A WATCHMAN). This online-based ministry develops free, discipleship and evangelism resources on multiple platforms. I AM A WATCHMAN resources have been accessed by people in more than 150 countries and include books, research articles, blogs, teaching videos, inspirational writings, radio minute devotionals, podcast interviews, and the Rapture Kit resource. Since 2019, Gary has served as President of the ministry.

Gary has also been justice impacted—and is well aware of the inadequacies of the U.S. justice system. While serving an unjust 18-month sentence he interviewed many men and identified factors which either led to their incarceration or contributed to their circle-back into the justice system. He found that in many situations, a small intervention could have saved great pain and regrettable decisions. He is also aware of the challenges many face in reentering society and strongly desires to provide practical help to those at-risk of entering the justice system, incarcerated men, and those who need a helping hand to successfully reenter society.

To put feet to his prayers, Gary is preparing an inspirational and practical workbook for prisoners, has joined with a group that has a heart to minister to teens, partnered with a group and secured a 501-c3 and is moving forward to lead efforts to reduce recidivism, offer hope to the broken, and help individuals find restoration in the Lord. The ministry plan to accomplish this falls under the SET FREE umbrella and is profiled HERE.

Journal entries from his prison experience can be accessed HERE.

Gary is a gifted speaker. Some of his teachings are profiled HERE. Requests for speaking engagements can be made HERE.

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