Set Free Indeed


Gary is a family man who lives in Arlington, WA. He has been married 40 years and is blessed with 2 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren.

Gary is a creative with a heart to help the hurting. His experience includes serving as a pastor and community leader for more than 25 years.  His work includes serving at-risk communities, counseling, coordinating community center work (education, social, and recreation programs), leading community music and education classes, and various food and clothing services.  Gary has been justice-impacted. He understands the DOC system, its strengths and shortcomings, and the struggles inmates face on the inside and in their quest to transition back into the community. Set Free Indeed resources have assisted approximately 100 men in the last 18 months.

Gary has also served as a counselor for a California State Boys Home for troubled teens, a Case Manager for a Gospel Mission, and led regional disaster-response work. In this work, he has been commended by Mayors, Congresswoman DelBene, Governor Inslee, and President Obama.   

Gary has authored 21 books. He currently serves as Director of the  I AM A WATCHMAN and SET FREE INDEED programs. The I AM A WATCHMAN program creates educational and inspirational resources for churches and individuals. Resources from this online-based program have been accessed more than 3,000,000 times by people in more than 150 countries. As previously noted, the SET FREE INDEED program is committed to supporting inmates and their families, and decreasing recidivism.

Gary is a gifted speaker. Some of his teachings are profiled HERE. Requests for speaking engagements can be made HERE.

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